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Is This All In A Thought ?

Updated: May 3, 2020

The thought behind this: As per ancient Hindi philosophy the universe was created 'in a thought' by Lord Brahma. More recently science is even exploring the possibility of the entire creation being a simulation inside a gigantic computer. Have you ever experienced a moment where you were able to physically manifest a desire or an inner thought.. A moment like this makes you question reality and maybe wake up to it.

“I am” or “am I” ?

Have I lived many a lives?

as I live one now.


will I live again?

…a prisoner of another thought

as I live in the manifestation of one today.

but every time I live,

will it not only be till I wake up... 'live' again?

in another thought and another?

till I am free , again?

What then?

…where will I go from here?

…will I be free there?

or will it be another prison

of a higher thought…

in a thought of another thought….?

Will i ever get to know?

what it is to be really alive?

not in a thought but

in the knowledge of me.

knowing “I am” ….

…or absorbing the

“am I”?

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