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Playing GOD!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Watching the Sun,

from behind the mountains rise.

I sit, beneath the open skies.

The soft breeze, on my face.

Moments, of nature’s grace.

My mind sifting a zillion thoughts.

Stuff to be done, things to be bought.

Bills to pay, challenges to be fought.

Have I lived well?

Have I built enough?

Am I happy? …or is this hell?

Why is this so tough?

I sit still; as I run a maze.

Slowly shifting to my outer gaze.

There in the sky ...flying high,

it catches my eye.

Its freedom just to be…

The places it could see..

Yet here is where it wants to be? …

Why? I wonder, as I See

it perch on a tree.

A blade of grass in its beak.

What is it , that it seeks?

Fluttering its feathers, bobbing its head,

it leaves the tree

…as I sip my tea

Ah its free?

But what is this that I see?

Its seeks the mundane like me!

Blade by blade it begins with zest,

Building a place to rest…its nest.

Natures instincts...fascinating!

Each of us engulfed in our quest.

But what’s nature without a test?


Just as it sits down to rest.

I see it approaching the nest.

In moments all is lost,

The nest is tossed

No mercy nor any plea.

the simian ...simply enjoying its spree.

Was there a purpose for what had happened?

Did I have a part to play?

Was I GOD here... deciding not to shoo it away?

Was nature random?

or the reason one that we cannot fathom?

Did the bird also feel the pain?

Was there anything at all , to loose or gain?

...I took another sip,

in the tea, a cookie I dipped.

with my life still in my grip!

I sat there, felling its pain.

Will it come back?

Will it ask me to explain?

Was it all in vain?

I wonder…

Will I ever see it again?

As if answering and removing my shame

there it is was perched on the tree, the same.

Fluttering its feathers,

no anger towards me.

And blade by blade,

it begins to builds again.

No slack in effort...

no sign of strain.

Completing its purpose without complain!

No thought , for loss or gain.

I envy! As I return to my inner maze again!

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