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The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told (This Will Change The World)
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Its all out there...

"...but only those who seek , will find"

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How to meditate and why?

From birth we are taught to read , write and think. Then we are filled with mankind's discoveries of science, math, biology , chemistry. Taught history and geography  and trained to be a part of Society and the civilized world

Why is it that no one taught us how to use and control the 'machine with a mind' we are all born into. The user manual has been around for centuries but why did the world only focus on the material, completely ignoring the internal?

We are handling depression , anxiety & stress. We have been focussing on the cure and not the prevention from the source. Phsychiatry is what we taught to some to help others rather than teach all how to handle themselves

Meditation is our handle yourself cheat code: - अपने आप को अपने वष मे करो

The 3 of you define all of you

  1. The Master – the mind : the Mind knows little, it constantly thinks the thoughts its fed, believing that’s what makes it intelligent and to think is all there is. Yet it acts within the limitations of the external world.

  2. The Servant -  the Sub-concious: the record keeper of data of all your births. It simply brings into existence all that the master believes in - good or bad, right or wrong and all of duality is relative and the servant doesn't differentiate.

  3. The slave: The Super-concious: or the soul is that little subdued feeling - neither a voice nor a thought , fighting to be let loose. It’s who you really are and it knows what you are here to do ,this time and the next, till salvation sets you free. MEditation is the process to...

"Master the Master &

make it a servant of the slave"




the 4 ways



The Fakir works to obtain mastery of the attention (self-mastery) through struggles with [controlling] the physical body involving difficult physical exercises and postures.



The Yogi works to obtain the same mastery of the attention (as before: 'self mastery') through struggle with [controlling] mental habits and capabilities.



The Monk works to obtain the same mastery of the attention (self-mastery) through struggle with [controlling] the affections ,in the domain, as we say, of the heart and come to be known as the way of faith



Gurdjieff insisted that these paths – tend to cultivate certain faculties at the expense of others. responsive and sane A human being must be capable of dealing with all eventualities that life may present.  the 4th way integrates all 3 ways and teaches one to handle the external and the internal

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff:

mysticphilosopher,spiritual teacher of Armenian and Greek descent.

Gurdjieff taught that most humans do not possess a unified consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep", but that it is possible to awaken to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential.  

Gurdjieff's   method for awakening one's consciousness unites the methods of

the fakirmonk and yogi, and thus he referred to it as the

"Fourth Way"

staying within the world and yet searching within, together we explore what this is and how?

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