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East or West?


A modern society built on Capitalism and Commercialization fueling and surviving on the greed of mankind,  introduced a new concept of a tangible laboratory proven Universe !


An infant civilization using primal power and naive science to lead the entire world away from the philosophy  & teachings of ancient civilizations . Teachings of harmony with nature,

Mediation , Yoga , Life purposeKnow thyself

"Mysticism for one is reality for another"


The Simulation Theory   Hacking Reality Must See
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The story goes : When Brahmaji was hiding the secrets of the Universe he wanted to put them in a place where it was both, difficult to find yet accessible to all who seek. The Maya Jaal was created to keep one away from the truth yet those that sought it had to just look inside.


Science is now catching on to what 'mythology' and Vedas' already knew. Quantum Physics specifically quantum entanglement which Einstein once called "spooky science" is now proven reality. The 10th monkey effect can make you believe in  ancient scriptures and science is now proving the Smulation theory There are people proposing that the entire Universe may be all just be in a thought. This is scientists talking not philosophers .

Through a series, we will trace the possibilities of our existence and the merger of modern science with ancient spiritualism.

"Mysticism of  today is their science of tomorrow

and our reality  of yesterday "



Listen  to thought provoking videos from experts in science,  a shift from modern science to ancient spiritualistic science is visible