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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A time to reflect and look within A pin drop silence of fear Among the daily din The oceans, they protested  the forests shamelessly divested The precious water wasted Animals mercilessly hunted and pasted Man carried on ,heaping cruelties manifold People forgot their conscience  And  crime blossomed untold Money became the new God Man wants more  and more and more  Selfishness has permeated down to every pore And then from nowhere  Comes this bombshell A tiny particle has sounded the death knell The people at first mocked in defiance  God did not relent  And soon they cowered In fear and compliance God teaches us a lesson And learn from it we must Awaken our sense of humanity Regurgitate our trust Respect each facet of nature He has put on earth for us No misuse,  no greed Life with minimum of fuss Regain our human values  Respect our fellow man Embrace peace and harmony And follow nature’s plan Maybe your conscience  Will be cleansed And your values regained And respect for nature’s gifts Indelibly ingrained 

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