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Collective 'Game of Life

Updated: May 3, 2020

Our world is a beautiful place!

Mankind has reached this point in time with years of collective coexistence, maybe not entirely peaceful but then don't we as children fight, make mistakes, throw tantrums and then mature up. Its then we choose the direction we want our lives to take and when at anytime we feel that the direction we chose is taking us down the wrong path, we always have the option of changing course.

I believe we have reached that point in time for humanity. Somewhere in time we walked a road that brought us here . A world where one of us lives in absolute luxury while another is dyeing for lack of food , where eating other inhabitants to satisfy the palette is acceptable, where we believe the planet and its resources are there to serve us, where the amount of money supersedes how its earned or what its used for.

Isn't it time to change course and #rethinkhumanity. Change comes slowly. When an individual is joined by more of us thinking in unison , change begins to take shape. Join me in my quest to meet think and act differently , responsibly to visualize a world with more love , happiness and peace around . Somehow I believe we can.

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