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Where are we?

Why are we here?

Has this question troubled you enough to question reality ?



"Others walked here before us , some walk with us now.

Some found answers , some answers we all seek now"

"Why is it that some of us have this need to explore the inner depths while others explore the pleasures of the tangible senses without a care to what seems so existential to others Like us"


Most of us believe we have free will. Do we? or is our free will unconsciously enslaved by generations of human conditioning leading us to  live lives controlled by the environment.

Few of us are either born with or develop a resistance to this system, a system where we are misfits. Some give in....others find the courage to go within defying the voices around. These unknown travelers explore inner depths and over lifetimes achieve moksha or liberation of the soul from what Lord Brahma called the 'maya jaal'

To achieve freedom or salvation there are many different ways man discovered over time. Some follow the path of the Monks , fakirs or yogis  and believe in leaving the chaos , finding their liberation and peace away from society. Some however want to live amongst others and yet explore the inexplicable urge to seek answers within.

We are all seekers, with different desires and goals. If you have questions about your existence, have internal exploration stories and what seems mystical to others is accepted daily experience for you then lets walk together and explore further.


#Rethinking Humanity

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Mysticism today is

Science of tomorrow

our reality of yesterday

Is light  still the fastest medium of travel?

Science is about concepts that can be proven in a laboratory. But as scientists move to understand the quantum world their age old accepted theories are proven incomplete & they now explore the inexplicable.

In this Section we explore as science bridges the gap to move from laboratory proven universe to the quantum world bordering on mysticism

- Through articles published by scientists to videos discussing reality, Quantum physics , simulation hypothesis, mathematical universe and importance of numbers & much  more



अपने आप को अपने वष मे करो


How to meditate and why?

We were equipped with tools to help us survive and thrive in the world full of others - to work, earn, achieve , procreate and leave.

Were we taught how to handle ourselves?

The mind they say is the noisiest place in the world. Silence is the key else there may be depression , anxiety and stress.

Meditation is our handle yourself cheat code

अपने आप को अपने वष मे करो

"Master the Master &

make it a servant of the slave"


Who am I?


Am I?

in this section we discuss, learn & share age old techniques to be in control of ourselves

Simplying complex thoughts



They searched for answers and left us their thoughts

In the 'Masters' section we explore what various masters shared with us.

- Through their books, Youtube videos & Wikipedia links you can explore

Share your journey


We the unknown seekers have a need to know , to share , to discuss , to question or to leave our message...


Share your story

Through articles blogs , poems, paintings, music, video , anything that you use to express your inner self


'Alone'  by Arti

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